Titanium Eyewear is popular, stylish and made out of the highest quality titanium. Titanium Eyewear continues to offer the latest in fashion and we offer many unique styles for our customers.The beauty of titanium is that it combines incredible strength with lightweight performance and durability. The engineering of our frames afford you with optical frames that are thinner, lighter, and more flexible than steel or aluminum frames. At Titanium Eyewear, we are committed to delivering you the very best in engineering as well as the latest styles of eyewear!

Our Manufacturing Process

1. Selection of Materials

The titanium used in our eyewear is the foundation of our eyeglasses, and is the hallmark of our commitment to providing only the highest quality eyewear available. Our factories have a very strict criteria for the titanium selected for use in our frames.

2. The Manufacturing Process

The highly refined process our factories use is how we maintain such a high level of quality. Our skilled manufacturing process is what sets us apart from other distributors. 

3. Quality Assurance

Once our frames have been received from our factories, we ensure every frame meets the very high standards we set for our products before packaging and stocking them for sale.