The Story of

A word from our founder…

I started the spring of 1990 as a recent college graduate looking for entrepreneurial opportunity in a thriving economy. Within a few weeks, I was representing the largest optical company in the world and learning what it takes to survive. I believe this was optical boot camp 101 and without a doubt I learned from the best from the streets of NYC and Philly. When I learn from the icons of the optical world, I was then able to pick and choose what works as I formulated my daily business philosophy. When asked, “What drives you in business?” I replied,” It’s the love of eyewear and the people who wear it to express who they are.”  I believe now you have the ability to own a wardrobe of eyewear and wear it based on your mood or the fashion statement you choose to project. Nothing says it more than a custom fitted Titanium frame on a cheerful face.

Business has become successful but it’s time to listen to my customers who encouraged me to start my own company. I started my company and now it’s me against the world. I slowly built relationships with top factories from all over the world. The owners are some of the nicest, hardest working people I have ever met. I have a reputation where most deals were based on a hand shake and payment was made based on my word. The hottest new trend was titanium eyewear and I wanted to know everything possibly about this material. The fact is wherever there is good, there is always bad. This is also true in the case of Titanium. I only sell the highest quality titanium available. The fact that my friends are still wearing frames from 8 years ago and attest to the quality and durability of my frames.



Titanium Eyewear, CEO