Luxury Without Compromise.

Welcome to the world launch of

We are proud to offer Pure Nickel-Free Titanium Eyewear, designed for the most discriminating consumer. With over 25 year of experience we have perfected our luxury titanium eyewear while enhancing your experience.

The New Luxury = Luxury without labels.

At we believe designer labels have little to do with luxury and comfort.

Luxury and comfortable eyewear must always start with the proper material. uses only Pure, 100% Nickel-free Titanium as the foundation for our luxury eyewear collection.

No other material offers the comfort and problem solving benefits like Titanium.

Imagine having the luxury of wearing eyewear that is 50% lighter in weight than traditional frames. You Can Literally Feel The Difference. Our frames hold their shape and contour to the face providing all day comfort and luxurious viewing experience.

The look of Pure titanium has a look all its own.

The fashion industry calls it the “Wow Effect” for both the owner and the observer. The observer’s reaction is priceless. They are not quite sure what it is, but they know it’s rarely seen, and experienced by few. offers a distinctive look of success and the ability to experience premium eyewear at a whole new level.

Featuring The Exclusive Nantucket Collection

Nantucket Multifocal

Without Hinge Black

Nantucket Multifocal
Without Hinge Coffee

Nantucket Multifocal
Without Hinge Gold